Special Live Shows

These are some of the special live shows I performed on my YouTube channel in the last couple of years. You can find the rest of them on my channel under the Live tab section.

I just selected the ones I like the most and that I think will be of your interest. I mean, if you're here reading these lines, it has to be for something, right?

So, get ready to relax (or work, study, clean your house...well, you catch my drift) and press the play buttons. You're in for a treat 😉

RJ8's Spooky Show

My Halloween special for 2023. If you're into the 80's music in general, then you're gonna love it. It was a great chance for me to play non-Depeche Mode songs (tho I ended up playing a few DM songs at public request). A little bit of New Order here, some Erasure there, oh! , and even some Nine Inch Nails.

Exotic Tour Instrumental - Second Show

As the title says, this is the second performance of my homage to Depeche Mode's Exotic Tour. I like the setlist for this one a little bit better than the first live special. More than 2 hours of pure devotion. Do you have your candles at hand?

101 - 35th Anniversary

Grab your mic, it's time to sing! Imagine yourself there on stage with your friends on the keyboards. The iconic and legendary 101th concert of the Tour For The Masses is about to start! And yes, I streamed this on a June 18th.

Pet Shop Boys Anthology

If you consider yourself a pethead or if you just like some PSB songs, you're gonna enjoy this. I play some of their most famous hits and some other songs (even B sides) that are part of my PSB favorites of all times.

Andrew Fletcher - In Your Memory

I never thought I'd do a show like this one. You know, we humans refuse to believe that our heroes can and will die some day. But, memento mori. The important thing on this live event is that I show every single part Fletch played live on his keyboards for some of Depeche Mode's tours. Yes, he played things besides jumping and eating bananas on stage and I can prove it.

The Singles Instrumental - 81 → 85

On this show I play Depeche Mode's singles from 1981 to 1985, based on the compilation they released in 1985 (also known as 'Catching Up With Depeche Mode' in the US market). Get ready to sing and dance!

The Singles Instrumental - 86 → 98

Second show of the Singles series. This time, the singles from 1986 to 1998. This was a great chance to improve and remaster all the album versions I have of these songs. Hope you have fun and brings back good old memories!

The B-Sides 81>90

After the Singles, the B-Sides. A nice collection of songs from Speak & Spell to Violator. Do I have to say something else? Come on, start watching and enyojing!

A Broken Frame - Live at Hammersmith Odeon

Hope you have time for this one! Almost 4 (yes, FOUR) hours of music and chit chat. First, the entire A Broken Frame as it was performed at the Hammermith Odeon and a amazing after show playing the requests on the chat section.

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