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Hey party people! I'm RJ8, the musical maestro from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm all about that groovy vintage vibe, crafting tunes with synths and drum machines. You can catch me jamming out covers and instrumental renditions on YouTube.

On this site you can find access to all my social media and latest YouTube videos, find out what I'm working on, my upcoming content and more!

Feel free to contact me through the form on this page or hit me up on my social media. And oh, don't miss my awesome "A fans tribute" series, where I recreate some of the most iconic Depeche Mode live concerts. It's in the menu section, go feast your eyes (and ears)!

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Boys Say Go | Black Celebration Tour - A fans tribute #depechemodetribute #blackcelebrationtour

It's Called A Heart | Black Celebration Tour - A fans tribute #depechemode #blackcelebrationtour

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The Tours Retrospective: my greatest show series ever

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm "hitting the road" for a series of live shows, streaming exclusively on my YouTube channel!

I present to you: DEPECHE MODE - The Tours Retrospective (1984-1993). I'll play live all the DM tours, starting from the "Some Great Reward Tour" until my latest revision of the "Devotional Tour".

Stay tuned to this website to know more and get ready for a real celebration! In fact, check the Calendar card 🥳



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Depeche Mode - The Tours Retrospective (1983-1993)​

Let's start this series with the amazing "Some Great Reward Tour". Live on my YouTube channel on Saturday, May 25th, 4PM (GMT -3).​

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